Mining the future means keeping things going: that is why we offer maintenance on mining head frames, which guarantees the longterm operation of your shaft.We organise our work so your operations are restricted as little as possible during renovations. Our product range includes steel construction based on the drawings of others.

Assembly of four stage winches:

In addition to considerable manufacturing depth, OLKO-Maschinentechnik GmbH offers the full service you expect from a global, interdisciplinary corporation. This includes customer consulting, planning, production, assembly, installation, commissioning, as well as the training of your employees, and their support during operation.

Find out for yourself – and mine a bit of future for yourself – with OLKO.

  • Steel and plant technology
  • Steel construction, including on the basis of third-party drawings
  • Optimising existing systems for productivity / efficiency
  • Special plant construction
  • Availability and quality
  • Full service, from concept to maintenance