OLKO-Maschinentechnik GmbH produces intelligent hoisting winders – including in difficult situations. Our products include high-performance and high-speed hoisting winders, both geared and directly driven. In twin-drum machines our patented, proven clutch system enables hoisting to be adjusted quickly and safely to changing depths. Our bobbins are developed for the transport of material and people, with a conveying speed of v ≤ 4 m/s.

We also develop pioneering bobbins for inspection, auxiliary and emergency installations for rescuing people from shafts, and for transporting people down to monitor and maintain shafts. Compressed air operated, these systems can also be used underground.

Mobile frictional winches from OLKO enablesafe, quick roping and unroping. The winches are designed to enable multiple cables to be attached and detached at the same time.

Shaft hoisting equipment

  • Hoisting winders
  • Brake systems
  • Head frames
  • Shaft insets and fittings
  • Shaft-sinking devices
  • Roping-up technology
  • Mobile friction and shaft winches
  • Comprehensive accessories
  • Service and maintenance